Unleash your sales team’s performance

Helping sales leaders develop teams that exceed quota goals & enjoy the ride together. 

Sales processes don’t close deals - people do

Storyleaders teaches salespeople how to build trust and make a personal connection with prospects - the key to building relationships and closing deals. Our renowned sales program teaches sales leaders how to naturally inspire people to work together, take action and thrive.

Unlock productivity

Learn a better way to interact with customers and colleagues, so your team works more effectively and thrives.

Close more deals

Gain a deeper understanding of prospects and customers, so you can expertly guide them through the sales cycle.

Boost team morale

Turn your individual contributors into an all in team that show up for each other and exceed quota goals.

“My team went from seeing each other as names on an org chart to people they would bust through walls for. It was such a cohesive glue for the culture of our sales organization.”

- Barry Sowerwine, SVP Enterprise Sales, Tableau


Transformative program. Game-changing results.

Our proven sales program includes a transformative onsite workshop with your team, followed by a customized implementation plan. Results our clients have seen:  

● Exceeded quota goals as a team ● Solved inaccurate sales forecasting ● Faster ramp up of new hires ● Happier, more invested team  

Hear how we've transformed Sales Teams

“The first year we did Storyleaders, every member on my sales team exceeded their quota goal...many by at least 200%.”

- Tammy Schuring, VP Worldwide Sales, HP Enterprise Security

“The results we’ve seen have been rather dramatic and transformational. Not just increased sales and shorter sales cycle times. But better connections with existing customers and each other.” 

- Greg Miller, SVP Sales, Medicity  

 "We found something that has changed the way people approach their lives. Its as big as that."

- Brian Kneafsey, SVP Sales, Salesforce.com 

This was a major differentiator for the company and how we could engage and help customers.

- Kelly Wright, EVP Sales, Tableau  


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